Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's up??? 08/03/10

Ok, so hello blogger world! A few of my friends have signed up for this here thingy so I figured what the hell, I'll try it even though I can't imagine anyone would be interested in anything I have to say. What the hell do we put on these things anyway? All I can think of to do here is complain, bitch, get on a soapbox--Wait, I do that all the time anyway so why would I need a blog to do it? HELP ME! What the hell am I supposed to blog about???

Is this where we tell our life stories? I was born, I grew up here I am yadda yadda? Oh boy, that's a hell of a boring story! (ok maybe not so boring from like 1988-1996 but um, I'm not really sure how my closest friends would feel about me outing our secret lives from that time LOL) but still, the rest is boring!

I dunno, I guess I'll just post this here first post and see if anyone actually wants to follow boring old me! LOL If anyone has any ideas of what the hell to blog about... drop me a line! awallace1973@gmail.com

Oh just an FYI: I will be swearing alot on this page and saying lots of things that some people may find offensive, I will not apologize for it cause it's just the way I am. If you think swearing and blatant sexual references are offensive...don't follow me mmkay? kay! Thanks!

Later all,



  1. Welcome to Bloggerland lol , Its really not hard once you play with it a bit as for designing , the coding is CSS good luck with that I have no clue

  2. oh and I added your link to my other blogs